Stop the Madness

If there is one thing I have seen more people struggle with, it’s the belief that their sin is who they are. Your sin is not your identity. Your true identity is the exact opposite of the sins you struggle with. Whatever your giftings are, whatever your calling is, the enemy will hit you with the opposite. That’s how the enemy tries to trap all of us, and keep us from walking in our identity, our destiny.

Your sin is not who you are. Don’t stay in that belief. Your parents’ sin is not who they are. Your teachers’ sin is not who they are. The man that molested you, that’s not who he is. The people that hurt you, that’s not who they are. Sin is not a person. It is evil personified. And those people hurt you because they were hurt. That is exactly the cycle the enemy has devised to keep each of us trapped.

Somebody’s got to stop this cycle.

Because if you still live in it, you will open the doors. You’re keeping the doors open for your grandchildren, and thousands of generations. Because these sins come with demons. So finish it today. Jesus has already finished it. You just have to appropriate it and choose to step into His resurrection power.

It’s time to stop the madness.

For your sake, and for the sake of the generations of your family.

How do you stop it?

Your objective, with everything you do, is to separate sin from the people. Because everybody sins. But if you’re not careful, and especially if you have a prophetic gift, you’ll see people as their sin, instead of who God created them to be. You want to be careful to see the sin, and not see the person as the sin.

When you get that, it’s huge. You’ll have an epiphany. Because people are not what they do.

Whatever sin you struggle with, it’s a sin, but it’s not who you are. It’s not your true identity.

Whatever sin other people struggle with – people around you, in your family, at work, at school – that sin is not who they are. It’s not their real identity.

The world would like to tell you that your sin is who you are.

It’s not who you are.

Unless you choose to live there.

When you can separate your sin from your true identity, you can come into the freedom Jesus intends for you. But you have to give that same benefit to everyone else. You have to give that to your parents … before you can come into freedom. Recognize that your parents’ sin is not their true identity. Separate the sin from the people, and ask God to show you who they really are – who He made them to be.

If you don’t do that for them, you will be stuck as well. Because generally our judgments against our parents are what keep us where we are. Our judgments help to create the false identities that we wear.

And you think it’s a right, to hold things against them, but it’s not. You don’t have the right to blame somebody else for your decisions. You can’t blame God. You can’t blame your mom and daddy. You can’t blame the policeman. You can’t blame the teacher.

Well, you can, but you’ll stay exactly where you are.

And I don’t think that’s what you want.

If you are seeking your true identity, you have to get free of those judgments … stop blaming others … and separate people from their sin. See who God made them to be.

Then you will be free to see who God made you to be.


“I Am Not Artistic”

I am always suggesting that folks grow in the Presence of God and in Peace by participating in art, nature, music, etc. One client responded with the following:

“I am not artistic and ‘all’ that I am good at creating is food, and that’s not art.”

My response to her is that in her deciding to agree with this statement, she is hindering the Creator from flowing through her in a spirit of creativity. By doing so, she is blocking His hand in developing who He created her to be. We are created in the image of God, the Creator.


Present, Presents, Presence

I wanted to talk a little about the Advent season. Advent is to me the season of Presence remembered. “Presence” represents God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It is our opportunity to reflect on “Presence” and the effect Presence has on people’s lives. If you look at scripture, EVERY single time someone encountered Presence their true identity was revealed. Some were revealed in their true identity of evil and some their identity in goodness.

Let’s start with Mary. Mary was created to be the Mother of Christ. As a very young woman I am sure she was struggling to find out who she was. Suddenly, she encounters an angel of the Lord and HE reveals to her her true identity. Granted she had free will and could’ve said no. (If you remember she wasn’t married so this was not exactly an ideal way to step into your true identity – She had to consider that people were going to chastise her for being “pregnant out of wedlock.”) Nonetheless, Mary trusted God, in spite of the appearance of circumstances. She answered “Be it unto me Lord, according to Your word.” Because she said yes, she is forever revered as the Mother of our Christ. Mary had a choice. The choice to believe who the world would say she is OR step into her identity in Christ and fulfill HIS destiny in her… We all have that same choice.

We don’t realize that every day we meet that same crossroads of our own identity. Every moment of our life we are fulfilling a destiny. Every action leads us into a false identity or our true identity. Every circumstance that comes our way is a potential for growth. Are you going to grow in your true identity or build on the lies of your false identity. Mary could’ve chosen to “protect” her flesh (her reputation) and deny the angel. But instead she accepted God’s offer “Be it unto me according to your word.” In her decision, she stepped into the fullness of the destiny that God created her for. Advent is that season for us. It is recognizing Presence in this PRESENT moment.

This is the season!!! God is offering you your true identity. Do you want it? Are you sick and tired of doing things your way? There is a better way!! Is it worth it? You better believe it. It’s your destiny!!! I would challenge you right now that if you are miserable in your life, go back and ask the Lord where did I take the wrong path? Where did I choose to go my own way? When you ask Him, expect Him to answer! He will answer. Then what? Ask Him to get you back on the right path to your true identity. He never gives up on us but He often waits for us to give up on ourselves. When we are at the end of ourselves is when we realize we truly need Him. So whatever is hindering you? Give it up. Gift Him with your troubles, gift Him your false identity, gift Him your fear. Whatever it is, He wants it. He is thrilled to take it from you. And when you give it to Him ask for His Presence in exchange. Accept His Presence instead of your pain, your lies, your disappointment. That’s an amazing gift exchange huh? And once you’ve made the exchange, offer Him your life. Stand before Him in this present moment and say to Him “Be it unto me according to Your word.” You won’t regret it. You will begin to realize who He created you to be and it will be amazing. He did not create you to be miserable!!! He created you in His image and HE is amazing – If we are called to be a reflection of Him – we should be amazing also …So give it up … Give up your present in exchange for His Presence in this present moment … Just do it!