Healing Rooms Training

Are you interested in praying for healing for others?

Is your desire to see people healed in your community?

Would you like to receive healing for yourself?

It all starts right here …

International Healing Rooms Training 

Date and Time TBA

Dahlonega, Georgia and live via Zoom

Cost: $55

You will learn through teaching, scripture, prayer, and hands-on practice:

  • God’s Word, power, and authority in healing
  • Faith for healing
  • Healing intercession
  • Roadblocks to healing
  • Keeping your healing

This is not simply a healing prayer or ministry training. Anyone who wants to learn more about the healing power of God is welcome.

A note from your instructor, Janet:

I teach the entire Healing Rooms model which is intensively focused on scripture. We look at faith for healing, healing anointing, authority in healing, roadblocks to healing, intercession for healing, and in general what the Bible says about healing. We also learn protocol for healing prayer. And we do in-group hands-on prayer after every lesson.

What I hope participants will leave with is a healing encounter with God in His Word, how to walk in their own healing, as well as a better understanding, desire, and practice in praying healing for other people.

After the workshop, participants will receive access to my notes which offer a deep dive into healing scripture and cover much more than we  can get through in a one-day training. I offer you my notes afterward because I don’t want you to be focused on information during the training. I simply encourage you to be present for what God will show you and how He will touch your heart.

If a participant is praying through the process of opening a Healing Rooms, I am always glad to help as a sounding board and help point them in the right direction, based on my experience as a Healing Rooms director for the past 9 years. That is not part of the training, but I’m always willing to help people take those initial steps. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions. God bless.

To Register: Please contact the instructor (below) to learn when the next training will be offered.

Questions? More Info? Please contact your instructor Janet directly: janet [dot] copy [at] gmail [dot] com.

To learn more about our Healing Rooms of Dahlonega ministry, please visit our Healing Rooms page.

Student Testimonial

“Janet’s class was an awesome blend of scripture, head knowledge, real life examples, live demos and hands on real experience in praying and seeing healing happen. She followed the Holy Spirit’s leading.” – Karen

This training is made available by Transformations.

About Your Instructor

Janet Eriksson is a prayer minister, writer, and teacher in Dahlonega, Georgia. As an intercessor, Janet served for many years on a church staff facilitating prayer for the church family and teaching prayer classes. Now she facilitates prayer in her community and intercedes for community needs, as well as for individuals, families, and The Center for Inner Healing. She blogs about prayer, including healing prayer, at her website Adventures with God. She has served as director for Healing Rooms of Dahlonega since 2010. Janet looks forward to meeting you and is excited about your heart to grow in healing prayer.

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